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Fight Nation starts self-defense course for women in Hua Hin

Happy to announce our new 3 months self defense course right here in Hua Hin. Our ladies will be training once a week and will learn all the essential grabs and defense techniques necessary for an efficient self-defense.

There will on occation be visits from a professional photographer who will take pictures with camera and drones, the studens will get all pictures post-edited and ready for Instagram each time.

The course will finalise with an exam on week 13 and completers will earn the Fight Nation Self-defense Master Certificate.

Learn how to defend yourself and gain the self-confidence that comes with being a martial arts expert, while making new friends and getting fit. All students on the self-defense course will also get 50% on all other classes at Fight Nation.

First class start 1. of august and we have very limited seats, so contact us now to learn more about this course.

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1 Comment

Jun 25, 2020

This is awesome... Cant wait!

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