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Fight Nation is not just about training. At Fight Nation, we're connected to some of the biggest and most respected fight organizations in the world, including ONE Championship. That means that when you train with us and prove your worth, you'll have the chance to represent Fight Nation at a professional fight, taking on the best fighters in the world and showing them what you're made of.

Fight Professionally in Thailand

We don't pull any punches - this is a tough, no-nonsense program designed for serious fighters who are ready to take their skills to the next level. Our training includes intense Muay Thai classes, as well as sparring sessions that will test your skills and push you to the brink. We'll help you develop your fighting style and technique, teach you how to read your opponent, and give you the mental toughness you need to succeed in the ring.

Professional muay thai fight in Thailand

Welcome to Fight Nation's Pro Fighter training package, where we're not just about getting fit and honing your skills - we're about turning you into a bonafide fighter, ready to take on the toughest opponents in the ring.

Compete in Muay Thai in thailand

Our program offers you the opportunity to train with some of the best coaches in the business and get the hands-on experience you need to develop your technique and fighting style. We'll push you to your limits, help you discover your fighting spirit, and teach you the discipline and mental toughness you need to make it as a professional fighter.

Martial arts competition in Thailand

Our packages includes unlimited training at our classes
- Western boxing -
- Muay Thai -
- Muay Thai beach training -
- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi & No-Gi grappling -
- Boxercise -
- Morning run -


As well as an abundance of amenities, including
- Access to sauna, ice bath, steam room  -
- Motorbike rent -
- Accommodation -
- Daily protein & banana shake -
- Personalized consultation & program -
- Photography of training on USB -
- Private lesson with any of coach -
- Hand wraps / T-shirts / Shorts -
- Return Bangkok private chauffeur -


Give us a shout today and get an offer for your personalized training program!

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