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Augusto Miranda

Coach of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Based on the teachings of Gracie Barra


Nationality: Brazil

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4th Dan BJJ

Years training

Augusto Miranda Hua Hin Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Years teaching

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Violence and crime was a part of the daily life in 1980’s Salvador, Bahia. For a young Augusto growing up in the middle of the city this meant, knowing how to protect oneself was paramount.

At an age of 13, he was introduced to Brazilian Jujitsu by an older friend, who was training with Sensei Ricardo Carvalho, apprentice of Carlson Gracie. On the first day at the BJJ gym Augusto immediately knew that Brazilian Jujitsu would become a lifelong passion for him.


Back in the 90’s, BJJ did not have the grand reputation it has today, and it was a much less known style of martial arts. Sensei Ricardo, intended on carrying on the legacy of Carlson Gracie’s unique fighting style, was hard at work on developing new talent for the sport.

He took in the young and committed Augusto, who would quickly become one of his best students. For the next two years Augusto was living at the gym and would train BJJ 6-7 hours a day, every day. Days would start at 5.30 am and Augusto would attend all 6 daily classes at Sensei Ricardo's BJJ club.

The 2 years of training was followed by several years of competing for Team Carvalho. In 2006 Augusto travelled to Scandinavia to compete and ended up spending 6 months in Europe teaching Jiu-Jitsu to the Kraw Maga community.


When he returned, he spend 4 years perfecting and integrating his style before he would once again travel out to compete and train internationally. This time he would travel to Russia, China, Thailand and other parts of Asia. Augusto won the China Open BJJ 2016 and 2017 Championship titles. He would stay in China for a few years building a team of young talents, before he would plan his return to Brazil.


Fortunately, he would in 2020 run in to travel restrictions, and ended up being caught in Thailand for a while, this is where he met Jeven and Rasmus, with whom he would start Fight Nation.

Competing in



Coach of Striking

Style: Ashihara Karate and Combined Western- and Thai boxing 


Nationality: Danish

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Striking Specialist

Years training

Thai boxing

Years teaching

Image by Markus Winkler

With a grandfather in professional boxing, Rasmus was born with the fighting spirit in his bloodline. In the year 1985, at only 8 years of age, young Rasmus started what would in turn become a lifelong journey with martials arts, initially practicing the art of knock down karate in Denmark. After 9 years of intensive training he finally earned his karate black belt. Motivated and inspired by his time with Japanese trainers in Denmark, Rasmus decided to travel to Japan and experience the authentic karate training as it was taught at the Ashihara Dojo in the city Matsuyama.


During this time he also decided to explore the path of his grandfather and took up western boxing. Practicing these two diverse branches of martial arts, helped Rasmus develop a unique fighting style. A combination, which would in turn earn him the WKA world championship title. In the year 2000 Rasmus travelled to Thailand to further develop his fighting style, by adding Thai boxing to his repertoire. He started competing soon after his arrival and ended up staying several years in the country.

His Thai boxing career meant he would be fighting all over Thailand in the coming years, even once at the famous Rajadamnern Muaythai Stadium, he also represented the Danish national team at IFAM world championships in the A class division several times. Rasmus returned home to Denmark, but would shortly after his return he would get involved with a new business project that would once again draw him towards Asia and Thailand, he is currently operating a successful marketing company in Thailand, while both practicing and teaching Martial Arts.

Competing in


Muay Thai

Coach of Muay Thai

Style: Thai Boxing & Kick Boxing

Thai boxing expert


Nationality: Thai

Contact Bas

Thai Boxing Expert

Years training

Thai boxing
2022-02-14 07_24_42-Thailand Boxing Association – Olympic Committee Thailand - Opera.png

Years teaching


Starting his career in Thai boxing at the age of 4 years, Bas has the Thai fighting spirit engrained in his blood and spirit. While having trained most of his life at some of the best fighting schools in Thailand, Bas has also travelled the globe for several years sharing his unique martial arts heritage with the world.


Most notably he spend a few years teaching in Gothenburg from 2004, and also were fighting and teaching in Helsinki, Finland from early 2007. During his long professional career, Bas has participated in more than 300 official fights and won several tournaments across Thailand, the land of Muay Thai.

Bas has fought some of the fiercest ring warriors at some of the most famous Thai boxing stadiums, such as Lumpini Boxing Stadium and Ratchadamnoen Stadium in Bangkok. Recently Bas has shifted his focus in to learning about MMA and BJJ and is applying these distinct techniques to his abundant array of Thai Boxing strategies. Bas also starred in the movie Beautiful Boxer, which premiered in 2004.

Bas is a skilled and dedicated trainer and teacher, whom will surely be able to develop the form and technique of even the most adept practitioners of Muay Thai and Striking sports. Train with him exclusively at Fight Nation Hua Hin.

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