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Our women's only class focuses on self defense techniques for those who want to be more confident when confronted with a threatening or challenging situation. You will learn simple, but effective, techniques from the Brazilian martial art, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, with a strong focuses on effective self-defense and the use of your opponents power to your advantage. The training will take place in a fun and safe environment, and it is not a requirement that you can make a flying kick or go into a split to participate. All you need to bring to class is your smile, workout clothes and lots of gusto.

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During these classes, you will quickly get some really effective tools for dealing with discomforting and violent situations. Our intensive and concentrated classes, specially designed for women, help women build the skills and strength needed to intervene in any uncomfortable situation. This is a unique structure where we work exclusively with the physical and mental challenges that women have in physical confrontations. You get some really effective tools to deal with threatening and dangerous behavior.










In Fight Nation's women's only BJJ classes, you will learn self-defense that really works - even if you have never practiced martial arts or feel in bad shape. You will learn a lot about avoiding dangerous situations, about de-escalating confrontations, about setting boundaries and about how to fight when everything else has failed. You will also learn new things about yourself and about finding your inner tiger. After just a short time of regular attendance, you will feel safer and probably have a slightly more straight back and may even have lost a few pounds (because you will get a solid workout).

Most of the training is physical. We train self-defense that works in real life and that means we have to learn to perform it effectively, even when it is difficult and we are under stress. During the classes, there will be gradually more and more physical contact and resistance, and the training will become more realistic. The training is conducted under very controlled conditions and in a way so that everyone can participate. We alternate between theory and practice, so we occasionally get a little break from the physical training while we learn some theory.

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One of the most important elements of our classes is the mental part of the training. You will learn to mobilize courage and strength to speak out, set boundaries and to defend yourself physically when you need it. This will enable you to stop an unpleasant or dangerous situation earlier, so it becomes less dangerous and easier to handle. You will also learn to act resolutely when necessary and not ‘freeze’ in the face of danger.


You will learn that boundary setting, de-escalation, and the power to act, which will benefit you directly in other parts of your life as well. It will lead to an improved confidence in situations such as relationships and at the workplace. You will not only become stronger physically, but to a great extent also mentally.

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