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Hua Hin offers access to more than 20 Muay Thai training centers of varying quality, price and equipment. So there is plenty of opportunity for getting your sweat on. At Fight Nation in central Hua Hin you can train Muay Thai with several different professional fighters and coaches and we offer a wide range of striking pads, boxing bags, speed-bags and more.

Muay Thai in Hua Hin

At Fight Nation we offer Muay Thai lessons for all ages and genders and there are also plenty of competition level students that you can spar and train with if your are a more serious practitioner of the sport. We are always ready to welcome new Muay Thai fighters in to the Fight Nation clan of warriors, we are already looking forward to being a part of your Muay Thai journey. You can read more about what you need to get started on Muay Thai training in Hua Hin here.


The origins of Thai boxing can be traced back to the middle of the 18th century during the war between Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand (Siam). The famous Thai boxer Nai Khanom Tom and thousands of others were captured by the king of Myanmar. The king wanted to see if boxing from Thailand could be compared to boxing from Myanmar and therefore Nai Khanom Tom got the opportunity to fight for his freedom by fighting against the best boxer from Myanmar.


Nai Khanom Tom won the match by knockout, but the King of Myanmar was not satisfied he sent 9 other boxers up against Nai Khanom Tom, who got no break between fights. Still, as the legend goes, he won all the fights, after which he and the other prisoners were released due to Nai Khanom Tom's extraordinary boxing skills. Later this skilled boxer became a hero in Thailand and his style of boxing became known as Thai boxing.

Khanom Tom Thai Boxer

Thai boxing and Muay Thai is referred to as "The Art of Eight Limbs" because fighters can use punches, kicks, elbows and knee attacks during matches. Thus, there are eight contact points in Thai boxing, where in ordinary boxing there are only two contact points, the fists. In kickboxing, there are four contact points, as you can use both punches and kicks here.

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